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28th March 2011

amy_paperlady12:14am: A copy-and-paste of an email I've sent to elvised Researchers

As you may have heard, the BBC is in the process of selling h2g2, and there is a group of Researchers that has been organizing to either buy h2g2 or (preferably) give support to whoever does buy h2g2. A lot of work has gone into (and is currently ongoing) organizing several things, one of which is bringing h2g2 to the attention of possible writers and readers.


I've volunteered to contact those folks that are no longer on h2g2 that I can to ask for permission to reproduce their work. While the BBC has permission to use anything on h2g2 as they see fit, copyright on your work rests fully with you. In order for anyone that's not the BBC to reproduce anything of yours, that person needs your permission.


Permission for what? Edited Entries, UnderGuide Entries, Post articles, and other items (illustrations, etc.) that represent the best of h2g2 are being gathered with an eye towards, perhaps, publishing them in book form. (Note: this project may or may not come to fruition and, if it does, there may or may not be space to include the work of everyone that has given permission.) Are there any work of yours on h2g2 that you would like to see included in such a project? Whatever you decide is what will be abided by--whether you say "No," "Yes, but just ___," or want to give blanket permission for any work that may be recommended. You can either email the h2g2 Community Consortium (h2g2c2) at h2g2communityconsortium@gmail.com with your decision, or you can email me, and I'll forward it. Either way, thank you for your time and consideration, and we'd love to see you back at h2g2 sometime :-)

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31st January 2011

anonymouse4007710:57am: Homeless again
So the BBC is trying to dump us.  Well, I guess we should have known this would happen from the moment the big conglomerate bought out the little village.  Oh, right... some of us did.
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24th January 2011

amy_paperlady2:29pm: The BBC will no longer be hosting h2g2

Quite a few of you have already heard the news, but some of you haven't. I figure it's worth annoying those that already know about this to bring information to those that don't--after all, I may have something to say that even people that already know the core news may not know (and if you've gotten this information from me via other forms of online communication, feel free to stop reading).


First of all, the main announcement. You can read the full text here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/F77636?thread=8018187 To summarize, BBC Online is having its budget cut by 25%. Funding for h2g2 is among the cuts (the link goes into why). The good news is that, since h2g2 existed before the Beeb bought it (and thus was not originally developed by the BBC) Nick Reynolds, the Social Media Executive for BBC Online, has said that he is looking into a new home for h2g2.


One option that has sprung up spontaneously is a consortium of h2g2 researchers that is looking into the possibility of the community taking over h2g2. The page set  up for that is at http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/A80173361 There is also a group on Google tied to that page, because document sharing is something that will need to be done. (Also, if you didn't go through BBCid, your old h2g2 account is no longer accessible. If you don't know what BBCid is, you didn't go through it.) The group is an open one, so even if you can't post on h2g2 without starting a new account, you can discuss things at https://groups.google.com/group/h2g2communityconsortium

19th April 2008

drjon1:03pm: Infocom Hitchhikers: The Sequel
Andy Baio's gotten a hold of an entire backup of an Infocom shared network drive from 1989, and it includes a look into the history of the aborted sequel, and a peek at what it would have looked like...
Milliways: Infocom's Unreleased Sequel to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
From an anonymous source close to the company, I've found myself in possession of the "Infocom Drive" -- a complete backup of Infocom's shared network drive from 1989. This is one of the most amazing archives I've ever seen, a treasure chest documenting the rise and fall of the legendary interactive fiction game company. Among the assets included: design documents, email archives, employee phone numbers, sales figures, internal meeting notes, corporate newsletters, and the source code and game files for every released and unreleased game Infocom made.

So let's start with the most notorious -- Milliways: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, the unreleased sequel to Infocom's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. For the first time, here's the full story: with never-before-seen design documents, internal emails, and two playable prototypes. Sit back, this might take a while.
(Via, x-posted.)

4th February 2008

raira10:03am: Curiouser and curiouser
Is it just me that thinks that the new 'explore LJ' is freakily like the 'life universe and everything' search on h2g2?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

4th August 2007

pyrocrastinator4:32am: First off, hi...

Um...Hey. I would've joined this community sooner, but I wanted to finish all the books first... And then I wanted to wait until I actually had something to say.

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22nd June 2007

mrdreadful9:59am: Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!
So, a couple of annoying schoolgirls have decided to sign up to Hootoo. And to make matters worse they've invaded Lil's Atelier!

I say again: Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh!
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15th April 2007

justbob198211:36pm: Someone's talking about you...
Initiating an awesome feedback loop: an h2g2 thread.

30th March 2007

mrdreadful4:35pm: Hootoo Seems to Have Eaten My Account
I just went on to check the recent posts only to find I wasn't logged in, which is odd as I always check 'remember me' when logging in after clearing my cookies (about once a fortnight)... so I tried to log in only to be told that my user name hadn't been recognised.

I know for a fact that it was the correct username so it must be a problem with the site itself, anyone else having difficulties?
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23rd February 2007

mrdreadful3:22pm: Moderation Blues...
Is it just me or are the moderators becoming ever more cowardly? I've recently had a post removed because I said that I believe J K Rowling to be a plagiarist and this has been upheld because the BBC is apparently sufficiently high-profile to attract unwanted lawsuits for such things.

To me this is a bit daft as the likelyhood of the post being a) spotted by anyone connected to J K Rowling and b) misinterpreted as BBC opinion is minute.

7th February 2007

clive_ostrich5:12pm: The rot spreads.....
I've not been able to update any guide entries for the last few days - my connection keeps timing out. Now I find I cannot load forums either without receiving the cheerful message.

The connection has timed out

The server at www.bbc.co.uk is taking too long to respond.

* The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few

* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

I am *seriously* unimpressed.
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13th October 2006

vireoibis12:56pm: Vogons must have permission in writing to enter

Dig out your dogs (poems that never win or are just plain bad) and enter our "Best of the Worst Contest" by 10-31-06. Fee: $1 per poem (limit to one-page length per poem). One male and one female winner will get a big chunk of the entry-fee pot--if there are enough entries to fill a pot.

Send 2 copies, with name and address on only one copy. Make check payable to, and send to: Amy's Contest, 1325 W. Sunshine St., #168, Springfield, MO 65807. Enclose a #10 SASE. Winners to be announced in November and all others notified in December.

29th September 2006

raira1:40pm: WTF?!?!
Where is h2g2? Grr!

31st July 2006

clive_ostrich12:19am: Logging into h2g2
is it just me or has h2g2 started switiching off at night? :-/

"Sorry, the membership system is temporarily unavailable. It'll be back very soon."

"The bbc.co.uk membership system is temporarily unavailable.

This is due to essential maintenance work.

Unfortunately this means that you won't be able to become a member or sign in to this service for the moment. You will find that this limits some of what you can do, e.g. you might not be able to join a conversation or post a message.

The service should be back to normal by 0500 BST. Please check back later."

Clive the flying Ostrich (and one very nearly missing Guide Entry.)

7th July 2006


Hi everyone!

I plnaning travel in China this August, if someone wants to join we have 2 vacant. 


14th June 2006

clive_ostrich4:10pm: okay h2g2 is really pissing me off at the moment.
The Last One to Post Here thread was closed because of apparent drain on resources for non-productive threads plus a smattering of allegedly poor behaviour, which in my opinion should have been addressed via the complaints and disciplianry proceedures, though I gather the italics see it as more cost-effective to simply close the thread to any further activity to stem any future abuse.

Today i discover the mirror "last one to say wop" thread has gone the same way - because with their new moderation gadget, wop is a racial slur and the increse in referred postings on yet another popular thread is costing them time and money and hence it must be closed.

I'm just ranting but ferchristssake - the italics are going to be in serious danger of loosing the good will of the communtiy if they kill popular community based threads which thrive within the guide but do not contribute to it.

This penny-pinching, moralising attitude is really getting on my wick.

Clive the flying ostrich U113478
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11th June 2006

mrdreadful7:20pm: I-i-i-i-i-iiiit's... ME!

Never fear, everyone's favourite pirate is here!
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6th June 2006

snailrind9:43am: Breastfeeding pictures banned
I thought you guys might be interested in this completely barmy new policy on LJ.  It's an annoyance worthy of h2g2.  I came here to get away from such draconian stupidity.
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2nd June 2006

lf28716:22pm: Were has everyone gone..
Hello all! Over on HooToo i'm known as lf2871 but i doubt many of you will know me. It's sad too see how many people have lost there love of the site. I'm starting to go that way myself, it's weird but though i haven't been there that long - i joined 3rd August 2005 - it does seem to have lost it's spirit, so many people have come and gone - people who have been there years and made the sight what it was. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why - it could be due to the lack of guide entrys getting written i don't know, though i think it's a build up of many things. It does make me sad too lose so many people, i have fon memmorys of HooToo and hope to carry on creating more. Let's stop thais though, tell me what youre faverate memmory of the site is, forget the bad for a momment.
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7th May 2006

raira4:10pm: I miss the old h2g2. Today ottox and I were racing around posting to all the old forums, and it reminded me so much of conversations that went on forever, the fan clubs that everyone had, using silly smilies, racing to be the most prolific poster of the day, starting up clubs, writing quizzes, and now... eh. There isn't even a link to the most active conversations on the front page any more. Boo.

I've started posting there again, but it's sad that there isn't that old relaxed atmosphere. So many people are disillusioned, so many researchers don't even know about pre-BBC h2g2, or about h0g0.

But I miss my friends the most. ottox and I used to be in contact every day. Almost as much, I talked to elwood, and shea42, happyfrood, elly, jimmy_the_hand and so many others. The good news? Many of them are still there. Many of them are /here/, but this site doesn't really fill the hole that h2g2 left in my life. So I'll be back there, not to add to the edited guide, but because the people there are worth hanging on to.

Sad, Mad or Bad
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21st November 2005

random_fat_bird2:46pm: A ponder
I took a stroll through h2g2 today, and it made me sad. So many people that I have either met or had fun with seem to have left and gone to pastures new. A recurring theme seems to be that it isn't the people that are the main problem, but the running of the site. now, I quite like hootoo under the governance of the Italics, Abi and Mina et al. It was fun and such. It changed a lot, and I'd be interested to know what you guys think about it.

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14th October 2005

random_fat_bird4:48pm: *evil inside*
I already posted this on my own journal, but sometimes you have to spam a community for the good of the nation *angelic*

Look! An Ostrich!Collapse )
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