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Were has everyone gone..

Hello all! Over on HooToo i'm known as lf2871 but i doubt many of you will know me. It's sad too see how many people have lost there love of the site. I'm starting to go that way myself, it's weird but though i haven't been there that long - i joined 3rd August 2005 - it does seem to have lost it's spirit, so many people have come and gone - people who have been there years and made the sight what it was. It's hard to pinpoint exactly why - it could be due to the lack of guide entrys getting written i don't know, though i think it's a build up of many things. It does make me sad too lose so many people, i have fon memmorys of HooToo and hope to carry on creating more. Let's stop thais though, tell me what youre faverate memmory of the site is, forget the bad for a momment.
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