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okay h2g2 is really pissing me off at the moment.

The Last One to Post Here thread was closed because of apparent drain on resources for non-productive threads plus a smattering of allegedly poor behaviour, which in my opinion should have been addressed via the complaints and disciplianry proceedures, though I gather the italics see it as more cost-effective to simply close the thread to any further activity to stem any future abuse.

Today i discover the mirror "last one to say wop" thread has gone the same way - because with their new moderation gadget, wop is a racial slur and the increse in referred postings on yet another popular thread is costing them time and money and hence it must be closed.

I'm just ranting but ferchristssake - the italics are going to be in serious danger of loosing the good will of the communtiy if they kill popular community based threads which thrive within the guide but do not contribute to it.

This penny-pinching, moralising attitude is really getting on my wick.

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